It seems that urban sprawl is inevitable whether you're looking for a home in Seattle or Ontario, or you're interested in finding a location for your office. Not everyone can live and work right in the downtown core and that means that thousands of people are trying to get in and out of the city on a daily basis to get where they need to go and back again. Traffic is becoming an increasing problem in larger cities and as a way to reduce the number of cars on the road and get people where they are going faster, many cities have created carpool lanes.

The purpose of carpool lanes is to reward those people who choose to share a ride to where they are going rather than drive there on their own. If you're going to work at a catering company in Utah or at a semi trailer jack stands manufacturer, you will get their faster by driving in these lanes because they are reserved for people with more than two people in the car. They are also usually used by public transportation vehicles to help them go through highway traffic a little bit more quickly.

These lanes are also sometimes referred to as High Occupancy Vehicle lanes and can frequently be found on the left hand side of many major highways. For example, if you're a real estate professional who helps people with their Sutton mortgage on the west end of the Greater Toronto Area than you may have seen these lanes along the Queen Elizabeth Way highway. You can usually recognize them by the diamond that is painted onto the road in that lane.

The qualifications for who is allowed to drive in the carpool lanes can change from city to city. Usually you will find that there are signs that will tell you who is welcome to drive in the carpool lanes. Sometimes, if you're traveling with your family to get baby room art than you will be allowed to drive here. And then there are some places where the lanes are really reserved only for public transportation vehicles and taxis. You should make sure that you know the rules before you choose to drive in this lane. That way the police can concentrate on cell phone tracking and catching real criminals rather than giving you a ticket when you didn't know that you were doing something wrong.

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