List of Endangered Species

As populations throughout the world are on the rise, it is essential that we see new development. People need places to live and work and that means converting land that is now wild or office buildings. And while it seems easy to spring up these new complexes in a matter on months, we must also remember what is being destroyed. New development is the cause of many species throughout the world becoming endangered.

Reports are now telling us that species are dying out between one hundred and one thousand times faster than they would naturally on their own thanks to human activity. This is not simply talking about the new condominium buildings, buy the cars that we are driving, the impact of industry, and many more factors. There are currently more than 1200 animals on the endangered species list in North America alone and as many as 25 million species in danger throughout the world.

One of the ways that we can aid protected and endangered species is by supporting the preservation of protected areas. There are currently more than three thousand of these areas throughout America and they cover more than two million square miles. One of the major kinds of animals that are in danger are of the aquatic species. One third of the world's fish are in danger of becoming extinct. This page was brought to you by the fine people at HouseMaster Home Inspections of Edmonton, where a thorough inspection report is their number one priority for clients.

There are four different levels of species that are in trouble to those that are no longer seen on the Planet. These are vulnerable species, threatened species, endangered species and those that are extinct. You will find programs that are tracking those in the top three categories with ear tags and advanced environmental science techniques but the focus is certainly on those that have already reached the status of being endangered. Vulnerable just means that there is a trend of that animal's numbers declining throughout the world, while endangered indicated that there is an immediate threat of them being wiped out.

There are many ways that you can help the endangered species of the world. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund have been committed to work with these species since the 1960s. And while it would be impossible to give back the land to Indian land that has been taken from them back, there are many ways that we can make sure that their habitats are not permanently destroyed. Humans are definitely the greatest threat that is facing the animals of the world today but we are also the solution. You should think about that when you're choosing which charities you support and looking at your own impact.

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