The climate is always changing and no matter if you live in Chicago or in Sydney it's inevitable that you're going to experience some cold days and some that are pretty hot. So, you might be wondering why the whole world seems to be abuzz over global warming. Here is what the environmental scientists are now saying about the issue in terms that you can understand.

The Science behind global warming.

To understand climate change you need to first understand the greenhouse effect. We know that we get the warmth that we need to survive on Earth thanks to the sun. And most of us dream of a perfect sunny day where we can go out and enjoy the ocean but we can't have that every day. Thanks to the presence of so many greenhouses gases, like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, in the air, some of the heat that should be released is now being trapped in the atmosphere. This is causing the Earth to heat up.

According to a study that was done in 2007, the Earth's temperature rose by about 0.74 degrees Celsius during the 20th century. While this might not seem like a large program, you should keep in mind that this is more than twice as fast as it was increasing in the previous century. And about 0.39 degrees of that increase happened in the last thirty years of this time. This means that all of the driving that we are doing and all of the energy that we are consuming is actually having a huge effect on the global temperature.

It is estimated that the rise in temperature will be between 1.1 and 6.4 degrees within the 21st century if the world does not make some serious changes. It has become the responsibility of governments, companies, and individuals to start thinking about their impact on the Earth. When you're living in the city you might not see the effect that we are having on the oceans or other places throughout the world. But it needs to be something that you're conscious of.

There are a number of different effects that are caused by global warming. We have heard about cases of extreme weather several times over the past few decades. People who specialize in everything from a mortgage broker to affordable cabinets are lending their services to communities in Japan, Haiti, and New Orleans to help deal with these disasters. Extreme weather is definitely a product of global warming. Eventually it will affect health, food supply, and water sources. And that time might not be all that far in the future.

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