When you hear somebody using the word green in a sentence it's probably not being used to describe that person's favorite color or the color of the new car they just bought. We now live in a society that has become so eco-conscious of the decisions we make that affect not only our lives but also the environment that the term "Going Green" has taken on an entirely different meaning.

Whether you recycle at your job or installed rain barrels in the backyard of your home there are many examples of a green lifestyle everywhere you look. From reusable lunch dishes to energy efficient instantaneous water heaters to hybrid cars to chemical free cleaning products to low flush toilets and beyond. There are just so many ways we can help the environment by being eco-friendly and eco-conscious.

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Before if you didn't have a recycling bin in your home it wasn't that big of a deal. Now if you have guests over and they want to recycle organic diapers or pop cans and you tell them you don't recycle they're almost ready to lecture you on the damage you're doing to the environment. Why would you want to have your time wasted listening to a lecture on why you should recycle that might go on for hours when you can go to your nearest home hardware store and buy a recycling basket?

It really doesn't take that much time or effort to do your part. Purchasing green products has become that much simpler over the years and there's almost a green version of everything. You can buy The Junction maps made out of recycled paper, you can buy a bus pass or bicycle and take those forms of transportation to work instead of driving your car, and you can buy flower vases made out of recycled glass, just to name a few.

Whatever it is you are in need of, be it clothing, cleaning products, home decor items, bedding accessories, lawn and garden products or bath products, you will be able to find a green version of any of them. If you aren't sure of where to pick up certain green items you can always ask friends, family members, teachers, or co-workers for green stores to shop at. All you have to do is put a little effort into finding them.

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