There are a lot of harmful things that happen each and every day of our lives that are having a devastating impact on our environment such as polluting the waters with old electronics and other garbage, using cleaning products with dangerous chemicals, and harmful emission that come from sources like cars and power plants.

We can't change the world in a day but the more informative people have on the dangerous activities are harmful to the planet the more seriously they'll take those charges and look into doing something about them. When it comes to harmful emissions most people already know about how the cars in the driveways of their homes do their part to leave a trail of deadly force in their wake or that the coal used by power plants also cause harmful emissions.

The thing is that there are many other sources of vessels for harmful emissions that some people aren't aware of such as farm animals. Yes, you read that correctly and we did say farm animals, not something like massive cable cutters! While most people know about the original Clean Air Act passed into law in 1963 and the subsequent amendments to the act that help reduce emissions from well known sources it's interesting to find out that 6% of harmful emissions in the Unites States and the impact they have in regards to global warming are released though farm animals.

It's crazy to think that farm animals cause so much of America's global warming problem but it's true! Farm animals that you and your children watch on kids TV shows in your property emit the following dangerous emissions: Ammonia, Endotoxins, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane, Particulate Matter and Methane. Each and every one of those harmful emissions have the power to cause environmental as well as human problems such as limiting oxygen absorption, respiratory and skin irritations, and asthma, just to name a few!

It's easy to blame power plants or plants that manufacture items like preform bands or shoes for the damage they cause to the environment through the harmful emissions they let out but we also need to be paying more attention to farm animals for commercial use and the dangerous emissions that come from them as well.

If we don't do something now about farm animals found in places like hog farms or chicken farms the damage they cause will only continue to grow until the problem gets out of hand! The best way to make a difference is by reducing the need for farm animals and what they provide and you can do that by buying organically farmed meats or consuming less meat. It might be hard at first but it's a small sacrifice to make if you want to save the environment!

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