There are many things we can do around our homes to reduce the amount of water and energy we use and be kinder to the environment. We can change the kind of light bulbs we use, install low flow taps and toilets, plug drafty places in our insulation, and unplug our vampire electronics. But if you're looking for a big way to save big on energy, you'll want to invest in a high efficiency washer. You can learn more about them here.

High efficiency washers use a lot less water and energy than regular washers, so incorporating one into your house plans can make a big difference. Instead of the center mounted agitator on a regular machine, high efficiency washers use a tumble drum, much like a dryer, to mix the clothes up during washing, which uses less energy. This means that most high efficiency machines are front loading like a dryer. The lack of an agitator is less harsh on your clothes, meaning they last longer when washed in a high efficiency machine.

A high efficiency machine also uses about 40% less water per load than a regular machine, because instead of filling the entire drum with water, the machine detects when the clothes are saturated and stops filling, meaning the water bill for your home can drop significantly. This also reduces your energy usage if you wash your clothes in hot water. A typical high efficiency machine will also have several rinse cycles instead of one to get clothes cleaner. Ottawa exterior painting contractors are page sponsors.

Another way high efficiency washers reduce energy used is by rotating much faster during the spin cycle, which not only reduces the time they need to spend spinning but also reduces the time they need to spend in the dryer. If you have a clothes line outside your home, this means your clothes will dry quicker. However, you must be careful to use only high efficiency soap in these new machines or the result will be too many suds.

You can buy a high efficiency at any furniture and appliance store near your home. They will sport the Energy Star logo and also be identified at High Efficiency or HE. Depending on the capacity of the machine, you can buy a high efficiency washer for between $650 and $1,500. They come in stacking pairs with dryers, alone, and in top loading or front loading models.

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