The International Organization of Standardization was created in 1946 as a way of facilitating "the international coordination and unification of industrial standards". Twenty-five countries came together in London, England for a conference to build the first list of standards. The organization than opened a few weeks later in February of 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland. Whether you're running a factory that creates parts for hydro vac trucks or food products you could be expected to follow these standards.Want to pick your own fruit in Hamilton? Ask Luna Farms how you can.

What does it mean if your company had been ISO certified? It means that there are going to be international standards to be adhered to. Some of the things that your company will be required to do to meet the ISO certification are efficiency, cleanliness, safety and environmental legislation practices. There will be some alterations needed depending your business. A clothing manufacturer will have different requirements than a plant that produces a stud tester. This allows a fair playing field for industries competing for a business as well as a shared technological advances and innovation within the manufacturing industry.

ISO standards have benefits for many different groups. It is a good thing for businesses and customers because it can help them ensure that they are buying and selling quality products. Governments use these standards to create their laws and practices when it comes to their national manufacturing plants. It is also creating a more level playing field for trade when companies are buying and selling products throughout the world. Anyone who is making the same sort of products in Canada and France, for instance, are held up to the same standards.

If you want to know whether or not a business is using this system when it comes to their manufacturing and development than all you need to do is look for an ISO rating. ISO 9001 deals with their quality rating while 14001 is referring to their environmental certification. You will find this displayed at businesses throughout the world making markers to shrink labels. You can also find a list of the countries that participate in the ISO system by looking at the International Organization of Standardization website. What was once just twenty-five countries is now more than one hundred and fifty. This organization's strategies and policies are always changing with current wants and needs of the industry. This is certainly making a difference in the way that we are building products today.

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