One of the most popular words these days is recycling and for very good reason. In order to save and preserve our environment, we need to recycle more and why not start at home? For those of you living in big cities, you can surely appreciate the push to recycle more.

The name of the game is energy efficiency and if we all make that extra effort to conserve energy, turn off lights when we are not using them, and recycle our unwanted paper, it is guaranteed that we are going to see a difference sooner than later. Many real estate agents are helping their clients to become more recycling aware and it is working!

Did you know that the three main offenders of pollution to our air are transportation, electricity, and industry? Yes, and there is certainly something that each of us can do to help stop them from continuing to damage the air we breathe. If you presently live in a condominium you will know exactly what we mean. Many of these condos are already outfitted with energy saving gadgets.

True it is that we need the three above mentioned in order to survive but we can certainly help them to become more aware of the consequences if they do not start to replace their present processes and equipment. They need to take a look at what some communities are already doing; those living in townhouses are some of the most energy conservation conscious folks these days.

We really do not have too much choice in the matter. If we continue on our present course, there will be dire consequences to face but if we pull up our socks now, we can definitely save the day. The message has certainly gotten through to many of those and now it is all up to us to follow suit.

We can start by using the Internet to read about the benefits of recycling and energy conservation. Next we can start to replace our equipment and processes and finally make the conscious effort to stick with it. We need to understand that this is a very serious matter. We need to save the planet and start now. There is no tomorrow. So no more excuses! Turn out the lights when no one is at home and do your laundry during off hours!

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