Energy efficiency is something we can't afford to ignore in this day and age. Whether you own a car service and are feeling the pinch from rising gas prices or you're worried what the continual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations may lead to, you're right to seek information and advice on increasing your energy efficiency. Here at Nemmco, we make it our mission to ensure that people have the information they need to live energy efficient but still productive and convenient lives. This website focuses mostly on the reduction end of the reduce, reuse, recycle equation, but we aren't afraid to explore any avenue that could lead to a carbon free future.

There are several different sources that generate most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere right now. They include transportation (cars, ships, etc.), electricity (coal and oil fired generating plants), and industry (oil, coal, and electric powered factory machines). Though all of these processes are necessary to keep our society functioning and our services earning money, if we don't learn to reduce, control, or even replace the emissions these processes generate, there could be dire consequences for our planet and by extension great disruption in the way we live our lives.

So what could happen? Well, the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the more of the sun's rays stick around to heat it up. The hotter the planet gets, the more its natural processes get thrown off. Suddenly it's too hot to grow crops in some places. It's too rainy to grow crops in others, and in still others it's too dry. People get overheated, ice melts, and soon there's not as much land on Earth as there was. What does this mean for someone? It means food prices skyrocket and suddenly survival doesn't become a given.


This is a scary prospect, but it's definitely not a given. We can and are taking steps to avoid a future that looks like this, and you can help just by making small changes in the way you live your life. Reduction is the key element in this equation. Just because you have an instant water heater doesn't mean you need to go overboard and use hot water for everything - it's a waste of the energy that needs to go into heating the water. You can make reductions in every aspect of your life, from driving your car to heating your home to feeding your family that will make a significant difference.

And then of course, there's replacing our old processes altogether. New forms of energy generation, new materials used for decking, and new methods of transportation could radically change the way we live and avert a potential crisis. Wind, solar, hydro, all are possible now and more will be possible in the future. To learn more about what our several possible futures could look like and how you can help make sure the best possible option becomes reality, explore the Nemmco database of articles and start doing your part to help.

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